Blue Ivy

Okay, okay. Forgive me for the title, but I had to. I’m wearing a blue dress and who is my favorite three month old baby? Blue Ivy Carter of course! And sorry about the lackluster photos today. I didn’t have time to have my friend take pictures at school, so I just did them myself at home today (hence the not so amazing quality). I promise you guys the photos do not do this dress justice! It’s a beautiful royal blue chiffon/french taffeta type dress. It looks absolutely stunning with a breeze of wind…good thing it was a little windy today in the city! (; 

Dress: H&M // Belt: Forever 21 // Shoes: Steve Madden // Watch: Anne Kleine // Bracelets: Vintage, Forever 21, Banana Republic // Ring: Class Ring

This outfit is one of my go-to lazy outfits. You’ll start to notice that as I post more, my school has a dress code of polo shirts and anything but blue denim or sweats, and skirts/dresses must fall to the knee (I never really follow that rule, but who does?!). With four hours of sleep this one piece outfit was an easy choice to pick out. 

XO Francesca


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