sad face. ):

Today I actually brought a real digital camera (instead of my iPhone) with me to have a friend take photos. She took about ten beautiful photos. I hurried home so I could edit and pick which ones I wanted to post. When I plugged the memory card into my computer, it read all of the photos except the ones taken today. Okay, I thought, no worries, I’ll just plug it back into the camera and download them from there. As I put them in, the card cracked and split into two pieces! ): I had to use pliers to take them out. 

The actual memory chip on the inside is not damaged, but there’s no way it can be read. Sad face. ): Suggestions anyone?

But for those interested, here’s what I wore.

Green Skinny Jeans from The Gap

White Polo Shirt from Aeropostale

Denim button down (used as a light jacket) from H&M

Brown Sandals from Steve Madden

White Anne Kleine Watch

Class Ring

Peacock feathered flower cocktail ring from Forever 21


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