Bicycles are Nicycles.

Top: Forever 21 // Pants: Zara // Shoes: DSW // Necklace: Philippines // Belt: Banana Republic  // Bangles: Philippines // Bracelets: AFSP, San Francisco // Watch: Anne Klein // Hair tie: Planet Blue

Happy Thursday! The week is so close to being over! I started a countdown in my planner for how many days of school I have left…so far we’re down to 25! My school is celebrating Earth week this week, so tomorrow is Bike to School Day. As a member of Green Team leadership, I decided to advertise the Bike Day myself by wearing a bicycle necklace. My aunt got it for me in the Philippines for my sixteenth birthday and I’m obsessed with it. Before I got my license, my bike was my best friend, and it still is my best friend when I just need to get away for awhile. 

XO Francesca


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