Bad Case of the Mondays

Tank: PacSun // Jeans: Joe's // Flip Flops: Rainbow // Turban Headband: Forever 21

Another week! Four more left of this school year, thank God! As the year winds down, the teachers crank up the work. I have SAT subject tests this upcoming weekend, and AP tests next week. To prep for these, I have one last history in class DBQ final tomorrow. I’ve spent my whole weekend studying for the DBQ as well as working on other projects. After studying to near exhaustion and a tough workout to blow off some steam yesterday, I went super comfy and effortless today. After throwing on my favorite jeans and tank top, I realized it needed a little “pop,” so I decided to try out my new turban headband from Forever 21. I find this outfit very comfy and boho, perfect for a lazy summer day…now that I provided the outfit, summer needs to provide that lazy day! Ha! (;

Have a good one prepsters!

XO Francesca


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