Fine Feathers


Polo (underneath): Aeropostale // Top: Anne Taylor Loft // Jeans: The Gap // Shoes: The Limited // Watch: Anne Klein // Bracelets: AFSP, San Francisco

Yay! It’s Friday everyone! Get ready for an abundance of pictures today! Partially because I didn’t post yesterday and partially because the wind was blowing in the perfect direction today. (: Second time these green jeans make an appearance on the blog. I’m actually in love with colored jeans right now. I die for them, so expect multiple cameos of my colored jeans on this blog, especially for spring/summer! I’m also challenging myself to create a different outfit for them each time. This time I borrowed my mom’s top from Anne Taylor loft. I really like that it has a print, but it’s not too overbearing with the jeans. They’re actually feathers printed on the top. After this week, I like thinking of this top as a reminder to keep life “as light as a feather” and not get stressed over the little things. Again, I stayed in dress code (I have no idea why but I had such a paranoia that they were gonna do dress code checks all week!) by wearing a polo underneath the shirt and just tucking the collar in. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

XO Francesca

Oh hey, school newspaper came out today! Last issue of the year so it’s my last issue managing the Entertainment Section. Lots of happiness and nostalgia at the last meeting when I passed the torch pen and notepad to the new editors. I’m still a Managing Editor next year, just for another section. Entertainment, it’s been real.


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