Ready in 5.


Dress: Old Navy // Belt: Old Navy // Jacket: Forever 21 // Sandals: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Today’s outfit is beyond simple, but still very spring-y and pretty. Normally, I wake up between 6 and 6:30 so I can leave my house by 7 A.M., and get to school before 7:45. This morning, I finally heard and responded to my alarm that was set for 6:30…I only heard it 25 minutes later, at 6:55. Leaving somewhat late was hardly an option because I had a meeting to go to in the morning, as well as some homework I needed to do, so I reached for one of my go-to “no effort” outfits: dress, belt, sparkly sandals. Throw on a jean jacket to make it dress code. I was in such a hurry I didn’t even manage to put on my bracelets, watch, or any other accessories whatsoever. While this isn’t exactly a ground breaking or risk taking outfit, it’s cute, pretty, and gets the job done. Perfect for hiding the fact that you were running late this morning.


and that awkward moment when two of your best friends catch you and your other friend taking style blog pictures… instead of walking the other way, they choose to photobomb. thanks, guys! haha I still love them to death (:




hahah these kids.

XO Francesca


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