Sunset in the Sunset


Button down: H&M // Polo: Ralph Lauren // Pants: Jolt via Nordstrom B.P. // Sandals: Target // Bracelets: AFSP, San Francisco, Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, H&M // Watch: Anne Klein // Rings: Betsey Johnson, Class Ring

The deans have been cracking down on dress code all week, so today I decided to stay blatantly in dress code with absolutely no grey areas. I got this polo down in Santa Barbara and I love the colors. Definitely as vibrant and individual as a uniform polo can get. The colors of the polo remind me of a sunset, and one of my friends cracked a joke today saying I was pulling a “Sunset Inception” because my polo is like a sunset, and we go to school in the Sunset District. Ha ha, very funny. I hate wearing just a these ugly 2-4 button shirts, so I added accessories so I have fun things to look at…these tend to make me forget I’m wearing a polo.

Forgive me for the especially awkward photos today…Although it was sunny in the Sunset, it was incredibly windy. And I’m still trying to get the hang of “fashion blog poses.”

Have a wonderful day!

XO Francesca




ps: obsessed with these LifeFactory water bottles! The silicone sleeve is so pretty, the glass is sturdy, and I love how the have the flip-top option now! Oh. and excuse the disgusting nail polish…I promise I’m taking it off tonight!


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