WEEKEND POST: Pink Hair and a Dead Car


Tank: H&M // Jeans: Jolt via Nordstrom // Shoes (not pictured): Rainbow via Nordstrom // Bracelets: AFSP, San Francisco // Watch: Anne Klein // HAIR: Splat!

Special Weekend Post! Fiona called me in the middle of the day, told me to come over and dye our hair. So we did it on a whim. This was my first time doing anything to my hair (I’ve never even trimmed my own bangs!), and I didn’t want to have to use bleach, so we used Splat! Washable color. I’m in love with the results! Definitely going to try the semi-permanent color next time!

After doing our hair, we went downtown to walk around and just hang out. When we got to my car to go home, it wouldn’t start! Thank God we drove in separate cars! Fiona had to take me home because it was almost past public curfew and standing around in a dark parking garage at 11:30 was not an option. When my parents came home, we went back to try and jumpstart the car. Before attempting that, my dad put the key in one more time…of course NOW it starts. I am still in disbelief.




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