WEEKEND POST: Girls’ Night!

ImageJacket: Forever 21 // Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Vince Camuto // Bag: Longchamp // Cuff: Philippines

Another weekend update! Now that AP’s are over and school is pretty much over (finals next week!), my friends and I go nuts. Thursday and Friday’s plans were completely spontaneous, and today’s was planned yesterday. One of my friends suggested we do a Girls’ Night Out, so all nine of us got dressed up, went downtown, had dinner, and just bonded drama-free.

Although my outfit tonight is pretty simple, I love it. I recycle clothes a lot since I’m a high school student with no job, but this outfit really meant something to me. In this look, each piece has a very significant memory. My black bodycon dress traveled with me all the way to San Diego one Tuesday night to go see The Wanted. This black dress was touched (not creepily) by Jay from The Wanted, and got water splashed ALL OVER from all the boys during their finale. My shoes were my date to prom. They also got shared in a couple dances, then were carried by the heels at the end of the night. My silver cuff is another gift from my grandma in the Philippines. I love her so much and haven’t seen her for four years, but every now and again she sends me little pieces of costume jewelry…Sometimes she even makes it!

PS: I used the Splat! color again…you can barely see it since I’m wearing a black dress, but it’s there! I think I’ll be using a semi-permanent color next time. This washout color is too messy and annoying to reapply.




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