A Chevron Sunshine


Button Down: H&M // Tank & Jeans: The Gap // Shoes: Anne Taylor LOFT // Bracelets: AFSP, San Francisco, H&M // Watch: Anne Klein // Purse: H&M // Necklace: Buffalo Exchange // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Hello and Happy July! Can you guys believe we’re already into our second month of “Summer Vacay Season?” Today I grudgingly rolled out of bed before 12 P.M. because I had a college tour to attend. Some may argue that I was slightly insanely preppy for a college tour in the wilderness-like retreat center wonderful recreational atmosphere of Moraga. However, I say “Put your best (python print) sandal forward.” I tried to stay positive about this college (it was dad’s choice), so I wore yellow to beam a ray of positivity and sunshine. Cheesy, right? I know. Although this college wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, i’ll keep my mind open. Especially since my dad bribed me with Fenton’s Ice Cream and a trip to City Lights Bookstore after. Confession: I’m a closet English nerd! (:


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