Back to School Must Haves Part One: Tops!


Upper Left and Right: Madewell // Lower Left: Ralph Lauren // Lower Right: All Saints

I can’t believe that school is already creeping around the corner! My school comes back in session on August 24th, but I have to be there for the next couple weeks as well to help prep for incoming freshmen.

A lot of people ask me how I can express my personal style with such a strict dress code. Although sometimes challenging, it’s definitely doable. I’m just glad they didn’t try and put a full uniform on me! Here’s a glimpse of our official “dress code” regarding shirts:

Polo shirts of any color or designs, with sleeves of any length, with at least 2 buttons and no more than 4 buttons and that fit loosely and fall below the waistband of the pants and/or skirts are the only shirts to be worn.

So, what’s a girl to wear without being marched off to detention? Over the last three years, I’ve experimented with ways to violate  “crack” the dress code. These are a few things I like to have in my closet as “essential pieces” to keep in rotation throughout the year.

Madewell Chambray Top: Chambray has such a cool feel and I love the light color. It’ll match anything. Although this top doesn’t meet the ‘code requirements, it’s loose-fitting enough to stick a “permitted” polo underneath — Just tuck in the collar!

Madewell Market Popover: Another Madewell favorite! I’m a big fan of popovers as they have a very different fit and feel from a normal polo. It’s just another alternative to reach for when that polo just doesn’t look right with your outfit. Popovers are very versatile and I just couldn’t turn this one away when I saw the color and the fact that it was on sale!

White Ralph Lauren Polo: Okay, as much as I despise these things now, if you go a school with a dress code like mine, you know that these are in heavy rotation. White is always versatile and always flattering. It also goes with anything and doesn’t look too terrible when you accessorize correctly. I’ll hand it to the deans for this one — when you’re lazy, nothing easier says “polished” like a white polo! 😛

All Saints Cowl Neck Sweater: For those cold days in the city, this is the perfect top to snuggle up to! It’s loose and forgiving as well as super comfy and cozy. This is perfect to wear during a cold and busy day. No fuss — just pair it with black skinny jeans, boots (or ballet flats), and put your hair in a loose bun.  Easy, right?

I’ll be back on Monday with more tips!


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