Back to School Must Haves Part Two: Pants!


(Pictured from left to right) Alloy // Zara // Vero Moda // Citizens of Humanity

Happy Monday! Welcome to part two of prep school dress code intensive! Today’s topic: pants. You may think, “Pants. How complicated can those get?” Well, if you’re a fashionista like me, a girl’s gotta have her options! Sorry, I’m not wearing khakis every day ever. Here’s an excerpt of our ‘code regarding pants:

“Blue jeans are not permitted; pants that have writing on any part of them are not permitted; athletic pants, wind pants, sweat pants, workout pants, yoga pants, and pajama pants, are not allowed; additionally, pants/shorts made out of velour, flannel, fleece, and silk fabrics are not allowed.”

As a freshman, I would’ve only thought that only left me with khakis. Barf. But there’s actually so many different ways to show off your style and still remain in dress code. The pieces pictured are just visual aids. I’ll talk about the pieces from left to right.

Jeggings: Yes, the infamous “jegging.” Part legging, part jean. This gets a little tricky as you tread into the gray area of the dress code. So what jeggings are appropriate? Technically, none. Obviously you wouldn’t show up to school with jeggings that are paper thin and skin tight. So what jegging can be appropriate? You want to look for a good quality fabric that, when stretched, will not become sheer. At my school, black jeggings are always a staple because they’re comfy and look decent. My favorite is the black Jolt jegging from Nordstrom. It looks and fits like a skinny jean, but feels as soft and stretchy as a legging or t shirt.

Colored Jeans: What? I thought no jeans! No blue jeans. Any other color is perfectly fine. I recommend getting multiple colors. White, dark grey, and black are always frequent sights because they are very neutral colors. But lo and behold, the fashion gods are on my side as colored jeans have become a spring and summer staple (you can probably style it for fall as well). I like to wear my colored jeans pretty often to keep things interesting and not so law school-y (yep, I’d be that Elle Woods in Harvard). I own red jeans from Zara and green jeans from The Gap. Both colors are super bold yet very versatile.

Coated Jeans: So I think this would be better for late fall/winter, but definitely something to have in your closet! Yes, it’s black, but they are coated to look somewhat leather-y, but in a classy way. It gives your pants that je ne sais quoi. I personally love the look because it’s so edgy, but I don’t know if it’s here to stay, so I would buy the lower-scale coated jeans. Don’t go out buying the three hundred dollar Hudsons just yet (at least, if you’re like me and don’t have the luxury of just buying trendy Hudson jeans). I plan on buying the Jolt or H&M style of coated jeans.

Skinny Cords: I was never really a cords person, but skinny cords are always nice to have, especially for winter. If you can’t seem to let go of the versatility of your blue jeans, opt for a light or navy blue color for the cords. There are certain shades of blue that will make the cords look just like jeans. Other color options would be grey, dark purple, or burgundy. With a material like corduroy you’ll want to buy fall colors.

Enjoy & here’s to a great week!


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