Special Post! #TooCoolForSchool

Tank: Old Navy // Spandex: Lululemon // Sweats: Big 5 // Shoes: Vans // Hat: Kahulua // Sunglasses: School Grad Night

Surprise! Obviously this is who I really am. Primped Up Prep is all just an act. Haha, just kidding. This week is our big football game, so we’re having a full themed spirit week! Today? Clash of the Classes: Freshmen and Seniors dress “Too Cool for School,” while Sophomores and Juniors dress up as Nerds. Sure, I could’ve gone all 50’s with the denim and leather, but I wanted to do a more modern (and humorous) take on this theme…Not to mention, I felt a need to embrace my inner gangster. I had a little too much fun with this…just call me F-Bizzle. Would you believe that I had to give a presentation to half the kids in my school (~700) dressed like this? Yes, I kept the shades on.

I love how much our school is getting super pumped up and spirited this year! We had decorating contests throughout different areas of the campus, everyone came in theme, and our community just feels stronger than ever. We’re ready to win back the trophy!

In case you guys couldn’t figure it out, this is the “fun treat” I had in store for you guys. No fear, I’m going all out every single day this week…so there’s a lot more!

We’re the Green Team presidents. Should the environment be worried? Of course not, we got this… (;



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