Rule Breaker


Top: Nordstrom B.P. // Jeans: Gap // Boots: Steve Madden // Belt: New York and Company // Necklaces: H&M, Japan // Watch: Anne Klein

White after Labor Day? Did she really?! Yes, yes I did! Please, that rule is so old. I’m not much of a rule breaker (if anything, I bend or walk around them), but this one’s definitely breakable. White jeans are supposed to be more of a spring and summer staple, but I couldn’t help but reach for them this morning. I’m sorry, but I’m not confining myself to black jeggings every single day for the rest of Fall and Winter. But for those of you that know about San Francisco, you’d know that the sun shines the brightest in the fall months, especially in October. That’s probably what gave me the leeway for this look, and I just threw on some boots to make it more fall-appropriate.

P.S. Forgive that tired look in my eyes…I forgot my sunglasses in my car and I forgot to get enough sleep.


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