It’s All in the Details

Blouse and Sweater: H&M // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Target // Belt: Banana Republic // Cuff: Macy’s

Okay, first things first. How about those Giants?! NLDS Champions, baby! It was a great team effort, but I’d like to thank Mr. Posey (my boyfriend…he just doesn’t know it) for that one. I mean, a grand slam at such a critical time?! Talk about grace under pressure.

Anyways, I was supposed to root on the Giants and rock the team colors today, but we were also required to stay in dress code, and I don’t have any orange dress code approved clothing. Therefore, I decided to show some love to our other Bay Area team, the Oakland A’s. Okay, so maybe I planned my outfit before I got the email about wearing black and orange and I was just too lazy to pick another one… Anyways, I picked rather simple silhouettes today, but I loved the little details in the outfit such as the lace on the collar, the leopard belt, the leather patches, and the statement cuff. As I always say, I find beauty in those little details.


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