Giants Parade

Shirt: MLB Giants via Winner’s Circle // Jeans: Jolt // Shoes: Converse // Hat: Lids

Lawlz because this is an actual fashion post? Not exactly… but I had to share some pictures from the GIANT celebration last week! I went to the Giants World Series Parade on Halloween and it was amazing. Probably one of the best moments of my life — I’ve never been prouder to be a San Franciscan! And, as a high school senior, I was definitely able to appreciate this a lot more than I did in 2010.

My best friend and I got to Civic Center Plaza at 8 AM and it was already packed, but by the time the team actually got there (~12 0r 1 PM), we squeezed our way to the front row! I was able to see Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and the whole team in all their beauty. The atmosphere was amazing–the scent of San Francisco EVERYWHERE, flying bread, beachballs, and TP rolls, brooms dancing and sweeping the air, and champagne showers all over. Definitely a day I will never forget. Oh, and did I mention? Grand Finale of Tony Bennett HIMSELF singing I Left My Heart in San Francisco while being showered in black and orange confetti. I died and went to heaven about 1000 times.

Yup, we made these hats! Just call us the Baseball Wives. (;


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