Busy Beauties

Hey everyone, I’m back! I am so sorry I haven’t updated at all for over a week. I was in a school fashion show last week that serves as a fundraiser for our school’s scholarship fund. Despite the sixteen-hour school days, the end result was so much fun! We got all glammed up (hair/makeup artists and all), got to walk down a runway, and it was a total bonding experience for my whole senior class. In fact, in one of my segments, I walked down the runway with this boy in my freshman history class. He was the first person I met at my high school, and although we lost touch past freshman year, we instantly reconnected through the fashion show. It’s moments like those that make high school memories last a lifetime.

Just in case you were wondering…

Dress: {courtesy of} XOXO via Macy’s // Heels: Franco Sarto via Hautelook // Workout Top: {courtesy of} The North Face via REI // Workout Bottoms: Old Navy // Sneakers: Addidas // Hair and Makeup courtesy of Paul Mitchell Beauty School

Here are some pictures from the show:

I didn’t get to pick my outfits, but I got a simple LBD for this sassy New Orleans segment…which I proceeded to spice up with a pair of cheetah print heels! Hey, I gotta add some spice when the segment’s song is called Jambalaya!

I also got placed in a Philadelphia segment. Our song was the Rocky Theme Song. It was pretty epic…we even had one of the Jesuit priests dress up down to a robe and boxing gloves to personify Rocky! The crowd loved it.


Obligatory mirror picture of me and the BFF, Fiona. You can imagine how much I loved those Hollywood-style mirrors.

I promise I’ll be back to normal posts this week! I have some outfits all queued up; I just need to put them in the blog!


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