Rockin’ Pink

Tee: H&M // Skirt: Gap // Jacket: PacSun // Boots: Nine West // Tights: Hue // Scarf: Nordstrom B.P. // Headband: H&M

I just cleaned out my closet over the weekend and rediscovered a ton of old gems, such as this tweed-ish skirt from Gap! I completely forgot that I owned it, so when I came across it this weekend, I just had to put it back on immediately. I love that the texture and color give the skirt an edge to the traditionally feminine style. I decided to go with the rocker inspiration and toss my PacSun denim and leather jacket into the mix. Of course, I added a touch of my favorite color with the pink scarf. With a busy day ahead of me, I pulled my hair into a (unintentional) messy braid and wore a chain headband in an attempt to make my mane look neat. In reality, I was too lazy to style it and fell asleep with wet hair the night before.


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