Comfy Combat

Sweater: American Eagle // Jeggings: Jolt via Nordstrom B.P // Boots: Candie’s via Kohls // Jacket: Material Girl via Macy’s // Socks: Express // Scarf: Nordstrom

When running on five hours of sleep on a cold rainy day, I come up with this: comfy. The scarf is a thickly knit infinity scarf that literally feels like a blanket wrapped around my neck, and a pillow during class. (; I’m pretty obsessed with the sweater though. In my opinion, it has enough of a holiday/Christmas-y hint without being a full blown fair isle or reindeer sweater. I love the white faux-lace detail. The pattern was perfect for what apparently is “Sweater Wednesday.” It’s a trend that some guys in my class are bringing back for winter…they wear the most obnoxious holiday sweaters they can find. Me? I’ll stick to my somewhat holiday-esque-but-not-over-the-top sweater.

P.S. Sorry for the not so great indoor pictures…the “storm” kept us inside.

P.P.S. Sorry for the one day delay! I thought I had this queued up for Thursday, but when it never posted, I realized I accidentally queued it for 11/30/13, not 2012. Oops, guess I’ve gotten used to writing 2013 as in “applying for Fall 2013”  too much lately.


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