Black, Blue and Gray (Not Just the Dress)…

photo 1


Dress: Forever 21 // Coat: Old Navy // Boots: Steve Madden // Tights: Hue

I adore these chic Steve Madden boots. I love the sweater fabric pulled over the boot that hides the wedge. It may not seem like it from the outfits you see, but I LOVE wearing heels. I feel way more comfortable and confident in heels, but I hardly ever wear them in school because it’s just not practical when you go to a three story school. However, I started considering wedges an exception. Besides, they’re super comfy! …Unless you slip in a puddle of water and go tumbling down the stairs with a 20 pound bag. Oops. Okay, so I only fell down like three steps, but my ankle twisted inward. So now it’s sprained, swollen, and black and blue. It’s not gonna stop me from wearing my wedges though. (;

P.S. Tomorrow’s my birthday! I’m gonna be 18. So bizarre.

photo 2

photo 3


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