Birthday Girl

photo 4

Top: Forever 21 // Cords: Gap // Shoes: Steve Madden // Sweater: Rubbish via Nordstrom B.P. // Belt: Banana Republic

So this post is a little less than a week late because of finals, but yay! I’m eighteen! On my eighteenth birthday, I decided to wear my favorite colors: pink and cheetah. So I slipped into these amazingly soft and comfy cords from Gap and wore my favorite belt from Banana Republic. I was gonna wear a pair wedged pumps, but because of last week’s ankle injury, I stuck to flat boots. My best friend saw me and said, “Of course you’re wearing pink and cheetah on your birthday.” Duhz, what other colors would I be wearing?!

Enjoy my photo of me with balloons from my friends; the eighteen year old that acts like she’s eight.

photo 1

photo 2ew. gross hair and a windy day.

photo 3


2 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. stylecrumb says:

    Aw, Happy 18th Birthday ! I hope you had a great one.
    I think this ootd is so adorable, especially the pants so fun (:
    The first pic is the best x
    I wish you a very merry christmas and new year.
    Much love, Karen
    ps: following your blog right now, if you have the time to visit mine, it would totes make my xmas

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