Peplum + Pink

photo 3

Top: Forever 21 // Pants: Jolt via Nordstrom B.P. // Blazer: H&M // Boots: Nine West // Belt: Express // Rings: Topshop

One of my friends asked me, “Do you have a business interview or something after school today?” I simply answered no and asked why, and she joked about my blazer looking super professional, especially just for school. My response? 1. I’m Francesca. I love dressing up, even if it’s just for school. and 2. It’s pink, making it more Francesca, and less serious. I bought the blazer almost half a year ago, and am still obsessed with it. I love that I’m able to style it and incorporate such a statement piece into different outfits for different seasons.

P.S. Photos are a little sillier today because my best friend, Fiona, took them, and I literally cannot keep a straight face with her around.

photo 1

photo 2

Candid. Oh well.

photo 4

She wanted to be featured on the blog, so here you go. No, Fiona, that’s not how you wear white pants in winter.


4 thoughts on “Peplum + Pink

  1. stylecrumb says:

    Love your outfit, it’s so fun!!
    I wore this striped black blazer once and that’s what my friend said but it was a birthday lunch anyways haha.
    Loving your blog
    Following now
    xx Karen

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