A Special Post: Flashback Friday



{Taking pictures during my first Red and Blue day}



{Spending my very last free period the right way: Java Beach coffee and a spontaneous trip to Ocean Beach}

I can’t believe how quickly four years has flown by! I remember being a nervous little freshman, trying to do everything right and follow all the rules: be in dress code every day, never take the elevator unless you’re physically injured, no open campus, etc. Today, I spend these last few moments at school cherishing every moment and privilege I have: wearing leggings/being lazy whenever I want, taking the elevator when I’m too lazy to climb three floors, and spending my free periods at the beach. I never mentioned the name of my high school in this blog, but I finally feel comfortable doing so. It’s a bittersweet moment to graduate St. Ignatius College Prep. It’s become my second home, especially this past year. My friends have become my sisters and my teachers have become my friends. It has been a roller coaster on the coast (just a few blocks up from Ocean Beach!), but it’s a ride that I will never forget.


{Enjoying the beautiful view from SI overlooking the ocean}

St. Ignatius College Preparatory, you’ve inspired me. I will be in Boston next year, but my heart will stay in San Francisco, right in the Sunset. ❤


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