Sweater: Gap // Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch // Boots: Hunter // Coat: H&M // Hat (pictured below): Zara

Brrr. It’s FREEZING! I remember being back home in California a couple weeks ago and watching the news report on the first polar vortex hit New England and I thought, “Wow, I’m so lucky to be home in California.” Yes, I was lucky, but I clearly spoke too soon. Polar Vortex is back for round two and it’s not fun.

Last month when I was exposed to below freezing temperatures for the first time, I moped and sulked about styling challenges, but I think I’m getting this whole “freezing fashion” thing down. My favorite piece in this look is the H&M coat, which in all honesty, is very thin and not cut out for extreme cold. To combat that, I layered up. I wore Uniqlo’s long thermals under my sweater and jeans which kept me comfortably warm, and the Gap sweater has a huge cowl neck which double as a scarf. I also wore two pairs of socks under my rain boots. This polar vortex has got nothing on me! Just kidding, I’m actually freezing. Please go away.




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