Blue Chic in a Crimson World


Blouse: San Francisco Boutique // Jeans: Hollister // Shoes: Dolce Vita // Coat and Bracelet: H&M // Scarf: Handmade // Bag: Longchamp // Headband: Anthropologie // Watch: Michael Kors

This past weekend, Boston gave us a little reminder of what warm weather feels like. Only problem is that it was such a tease and the 50 degree weather lasted a day, and left us with snow for this week. That little teaser already put me in a “ready for spring” mentality, which had me ditching the sweater and throwing on a chiffon top. I made it cold weather appropriate with the scarf, then decided to run with the blue theme with my headband and coat. 

These pictures were actually taken at Harvard’s campus today. Upon walking into my pitch meeting for the news show, they immediately sent me off to Harvard to do some interviews about Facebook’s 10th birthday and Zuckerberg’s legacy on the university. I made it across the river and back just in time for my communication class…literally with one minute to spare. Although hectic, this spur of the moment adventure was definitely an awesome reminder why I love journalism.







P.S. Boston is in for a snow emergency tomorrow, so all the Boston public schools are closed tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that BU follows suit! 


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