Spring Break Adventures: Mission Peak

For spring break this year, a few of my friends decided to come home to California with me. While we originally thought of going to Montreal, after this past winter in Boston, I could not be happier to be home in sunny California.

I’ve been taking my friends to all the essential food places (In-N-Out, authentic Mexican food), so we decided to burn those extra calories with a hike up Mission Peak. It was 6 miles total. Although we were exhausted when we got to the top, seeing the Bay Area from over 2500 ft. elevation was pretty awesome.

Some tips for first time hikers:

Go on a weekday, if you can. It gets really crowded and you’ll have to wait to take a picture with the totem pole, and some areas of the trail only have enough room for one person to go through.

– Water. duh.

– Bring your camera! There’s so many beautiful views from this trail and you’ll want to capture every moment.

– A good sense of humor goes a long way, especially when you’re with friends. Other hikers are very friendly too. It’s as though there’s a sense of camaraderie among “Mission-Peakers”

– Dress in layers in the winter/spring, wear close to nothing in the summer. Either way, you’ll get hot; it’s just a matter of how hot/if you’ll be able to cool down.


xo, FMB






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