Brunch Time: Bees Knees Supply Company


First of all, major props to anyone who can make Allston look this classy and trendy. Bees Knees is a cafe and mini-grocery located in Allston, MA that serves great food, keeps up with the latest coffee culture and supports local businesses. It makes for a great casual brunch spot on the weekends, or a cool study place during the week.


My friends and I take our breakfast sandwiches very seriously, and Bees Knees didn’t disappoint. I had the Lobster McMuffin, which had lobster, egg, arugula and lemon malaise on an english muffin. My friends had the bacon egg and cheese McMuffin, which had exactly that. While both were great, we did all decide that the bacon egg and cheese was our favorite. The three of us also got pumpkin lattes (because fall, duh), which were absolutely amazing. They were a perfect balance of pumpkin and espresso, and surprisingly were not overbearingly sweet.

Overall: I recommend coming here at least once. I definitely want to come again and try their other brunch items and drinks. (Tip: they have cold-brew nitro coffee!) If not for the food, come for the atmosphere. I am obsessed with West Village in New York, and this shop definitely made me feel like a cool New Yorker.


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