To New Adventures


I remember heading to the airport after my very last final of college. I was excited to be done with school, and anxious about my next chapter. However, I also remember how quickly and overwhelmingly a fear came over me as I sat at the gate. As a Boston University student from California, I had the privilege of traveling a few times a year, at least to and from home and school. Now that I was done, when would I be able to travel? When would I see an airport next? (Odd fun fact: I love airports) Luckily, my fear proved irrational as I’ve been able to travel a few times this year, whether it be local to Southern California, or back to Boston for my graduation ceremony.

Last month, I found out that my friend Emilie would be visiting Seattle, so I decided to meet her there. In the process of booking my ticket, packing and getting to Seattle, I tried to remember the last time I had been in a city that was completely new to me. Although I had been to LAX over ten times this year, Seattle was my first new city in five years (my last new city was Boston, when I went with my parents to tour BU). There’s something fun about going to a new city. You create all these stories in your head, paint pictures of what the city will look like, imagine what kinds of food you’ll eat, and if you’re like me, spend countless hours trying to define the city’s street style. And no matter how much you think about it and prepare, it’s still pretty different from what you anticipated. I hadn’t had this sensation in so long, and it was honestly so refreshing. So, here’s to hoping for more chances to enjoy new experiences. Below, see a few of my favorite moments from this adventure.


I didn’t realize how huge Pike Place Market is! My favorite part was definitely going through all the fresh produce. Everything looked so delicious, and they had a much more diverse variety than I expected.


My friend was staying in Bremerton, so we had to take the ferry into Seattle every day. I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and Derek Shepherd had a thing for ferryboats. Naturally, I do as well.


Just a classic photo of the public market. One thing I did find interesting was the “Meet the producer” sign. On a boat tour, they explained the history of the Pike farmer’s market, and that consumers demanded to meet the producers of the food. Looks like they were onto that farm-to-table trend pretty early on.


Chihuly glass gardens! This. place. is. stunning. Everything in this museum is made of blown glass. I had seen a Chihuly exhibit in Vegas, but this collection is much more extensive.


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