About Me


Hi there! My name is Francesca. I’m a college senior born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently studying PR at Boston University. I am a fashion-obsessed entertainment junkie.

I have an eye for detail, especially in the little things. I love food, dogs and Latin music (not necessarily in that order).

A few fun facts:

1. Fashion has always been my first passion, but I also love writing and fitness.

2. My iPhone is almost literally glued to my hand. I have an unhealthy attachment to it. It helped me realize I’m in the right field (communication because I’m constantly communicating, duh).

3. Iced coffee and lattes are my drug of choice.

4.  Larry King told me that I make his second-favorite cup of coffee. Who makes the first favorite? The other intern, who is also a manager at Starbucks.

5. Although I taught Zumba classes in high school, I also managed to sprain both ankles doing Zumba in college…but not at the same time! That would take skill.

6. Everything about Latin/Hispanic culture fascinates me.

7. My heart belongs to my rescue dog, Lexie.


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